How to Report Issues

Reporting Issues

Thank you for reading this guide on reporting issues: email specific details to us once you have gathered the information below.

We're a CDN with a lot of servers. If you are having some trouble, we need pertinent details to be able to isolate any potential problems.

To effectively handle issues, we must have a few things included in any report to be able to help you.

Please include the following information:

  1. Your account name.
  2. The stream name you are SENDING to us, with the full origin URL and the SOFTWARE or DEVICE you are using to send the stream (Wirecast, FMLE, Tricaster). A screen shot of your settings can be helpful as well..
  3. The URL where you or your viewers are VIEWING the stream. In general, sending the embed code is not necessary, but we do need to be able to see your embed on your site. Give your viewer the control panel DEBUG URL found on the stream manage page and view the results (we can enable this for any account).
  4. A clear description of the issue you are having. Descriptive language like "choppy", "stuttering", "buffering" (for how long, 3 seconds, 30 seconds) is better than "it doesn't work".
  5. Any relevant details about the network connection at the origin site, and at the viewing site. For example, "hard line 10mbps internet line on site", or "ipad on home wireless".
  6. If this is a viewer problem, supply the output (screen shot) of, to a reasonably remote server (close speedtest results are quite misleading, as many providers of "high speed" internet will mercilessly throttle traffic that is leaving their network. Include the device on which you are viewing (phone, tablet, desktop), and the URL of course. If you have many viewers, are they all seeing the problem or is the issue a subset of your viewership?
  7. If this is an origin problem, you should already have run a speedtest to a server in the area around your origin server. Please use the DEBUG url for the ORIGIN found on the stream manage page. Confirm that the result is still good and let us know what sort of internet connection you have on site. Provide your on site public IP address so that we can run network diagnostics. Use "what is my ip" on google to get your public facing IP address.
  8. If this is a VOD issue, we need to know the file name, the location of the viewer, and details about their internet connection. Most VOD issues that we see are to do with encoding. If you expect viewers to watch 8mbit encoded HD video, then they will have to have 16mbit download available on the device on which they are viewing your content. Note that if you need to re-encode, you must rename the file, as our VOD system is based on caching. If VOD is slow to start, this is usually because the keyframes are too long - you will need to re-encode. See the VOD Howto for specific tips on optimizing VOD performance.