Supported Players


The clappr project provides an open source, fully featured player, with full HLS in the browser support. It can also support RTMP (if your audience is using flash), and DASH, along with multi-bitrate smil support.

VAST ad tag support is in beta testing for users with access to an ad network.

We recommend and support clappr.

JW Player

JW Player is available, but we do not support it due to their licensing restrictions. We provide you with the free version 6 and version 7 of JW Player, with support for their license keys for each version.

This player does NOT work with HLS in the browser (unless you have a corresponding license from them), or with flash unless your audience has enabled flash. The combination of flash being disabled by browsers, and HLS being disabled by JW Player's license, has made this player useless unless you already have a license.


Video.js is available, but unsupported, as it does not do multi-bitrate. HLS in the browser does work.


We have many users who rely on flowplayer. It is not supported in our embed generator, but our URLs will work perfectly with it.


VideoLAN provides VLC, a standalone open source, fully featured player. It's great for testing HLS and RTMP.