Supported Players


The clappr project provides an open source, fully featured player, with full HLS in the browser support. It also supports MPEG-Dash, multi-bitrate, and a host of other features.

Our player system can generate clappr players that can be easily embedded on your website, with easy editing of existing players. It supports most of clappr's features including multibitrate, seek bar thumbnails for VOD, and auto-generated VOD playlists. VAST ad tag support is in beta testing for users with access to an ad network.

We recommend and support clappr.

JW Player

JW Player is a good and widely used player. Due to license requirements we can't offer it in our embed generator, but we have found it to work quite well.


Video.js works well, but we cannot support it in our embed generator at this time.

Other players

Pretty much any web player based on hls.js, and quite a few that are not, should work with our services. We have had quite a few users with all manner of different players, including flowplayer, mediaelement.js, and so on. All of them have been able to play back ScaleEngine streams. So if your player is not listed here, it will probably still work.


VideoLAN provides VLC, a standalone open source, fully featured player. Although not generally useful for providing streams to viewers, it's excellent for testing your streams.