Custom Enterprise Services

Working with a Video CDN that supports your business

Your business has specific requirements. You have invested in custom development, or have specific application settings you need deployed. Perhaps you need specific cache timing rules. We do this.

Specifically, our CDN is our own. We built it, and we run it. That means you can get modules and settings tuned by us, for your business requirements. Basing your business on a CDN that is also a business is smart.

Using a "start-up" for your video work? Are you actually getting scale, geographic load-balancing and capacity, or just a couple of servers, and Akamai for edges, which they will have no control over? Scale and true load balancing are hard problems that we have solved over many years of doing this work. We know how to deliver video to the world. We do it every day.

We're not a start up, and we have no intention of getting bought. We like what we've built, and we like building it; making it work is what we do, and there are hundreds of businesses, our customers, who agree, every month.

We support, geographic zones, domain protection, encryption, bandwidth detection, as well as offering our flexible restreaming, recording, switchboards, and our channel system. Additionally, any setting can be tuned to suit your business rules.