Video Analytics

Real Time Tracking

Our server-side analytics product pushes live event viewer data directly from our servers into your Google Analytics account. You will have accurate, real time viewer location and unique viewer data, as well as specific device type reporting and session duration data.

Why use server-side instead of something in the player?

One word: consistency. All stream events are shipped out in real time to GA, directly from our CDN servers. Importantly, this is completely transparent to your viewers. Since it's performed on the server, you do not require a special player. Analytics work the same from any device (OTT box, Roku, Google, Apple, Amazon Fire, phone), simplifying the implementation of analytics for you.

To get started set up a property, and then add one, as a scaleengine account setting, or add them individually to a specific stream if you need isolated data per stream.

You will see real-time location and viewer counts, and over time you will see a monthly view of your audience profile with devices, browsers, and platforms, as well as locations.