Channel FAQ

ScaleEngine channel service FAQ

A: Upload your vod to us, and arrange it in our control panel in the order you want. It streams out live, direct from the CDN. Simple and very high quality, the resolution matches your encoding.
A: Sure. Just schedule in a live stream. Broadcast live for as long as you want. The stream falls back to the VOD loop when you stop the encoder.
A: Yes. Just schedule in multiple live stream sources. You can have them switch based on time duration, or just fall through to the next stream when an event ends.
A: Yes. We can syndicate your stream to any RTMP service, including Periscope, Youtube, Twitch or Facebook. Our playlist system is the only one that does this.
A: Yes. You could set up different lists by hour, or day. They will kick in at the scheduled time on your streams.
A: We have a documented API for the channel service. Your site can manage any application for this system. Demo reels for actors, Point Of Sale video displays, Sign Installations, or OTT TV.
A: We will be adding this feature. However, most professional video is stored on servers, and should be transferred using site to site protocols, for speed and reliability . You can use rsync or ftp . We are also the only CDN to give you the option to work in a Unix shell account . We have S3 tools installed to pull your content directly from Amazon if you are migrating from Cloudfront . If you need to dump your files from Brightcove we have a script that works with their API . We can accomodate most transfer in requests, including hard disk delivery .
A: The mp4 format is the best format for quality and multi - platform viewing, both in terms of compression and viewing quality . You can stream very high - quality HD video to your viewers, assuming they have sufficient bandwidth to buffer and view the stream . Using mp4 also ensures that your channel will play in an HLS stream for Apple TV, Roku, and most modern mobiles . We also allow m4v, and for audio channels, mp3 files .
A: We don't anymore, this is available as an advanced feature. Metadata used to cause a duration to be shown in some flash players, which stopped the stream playback. This is not an issue with HLS, so you can leave metadata on.
A: We provide worldwide edge delivery of your channel stream, using our instant geographic viewer routing system.
A: SEVU works normally. Channels are simply live streams, with a VOD playlist as the ingest, instead of an incoming stream.
A: This feature is popular. Stream live at any time, and fall back to a vod list around your live shows.
A: Your HLS streams update seamlessly. Our playout system powers lots of Roku channels.
A: You can reload your channel in place and go live instantly.
A: This feature is available. Define the recording type you want when you create the live stream.
A: To use a ScaleEngine channel in Instant TV Channel, you'll need to be sure to set the StreamFormat parameter to hls, and set the Live parameter to True.
A: Use our API example, under Now Playing - you can show title and/or description.