Channel FAQ

ScaleEngine channel service FAQ

Q: Can I use this as a stream switcher?

Although you can, our Switchboard system is much better suited.

Can I restream a channel to YouTube or another platform?

Yes. Channels can be restreamed the exact same as any live stream. You can send your channels to any service, including Periscope, Youtube, Twitch or Facebook.

Is there an API?

Yes. API documentation for the channel system can be found here

What are the file types I can use?

Video files should be mp4 or m4v, with h.264 video and either AAC or MP3 audio. Audio files should be m4a (aac) or MP3, and at least 44.1 Hz.

How many viewers can a channel have?

As many as any other live stream. A channel creates an output stream that behaves exactly the same as any live stream. That live stream gets distributed with our global network of servers, just like a live stream.

I need to block unathorized viewers

SEVU works the same on a chanel as for a live stream. You can read about it here

Can I use this for a Roku live channel?

Yes. You need to configure the Roku channel as a "live stream", since that's what the output of a channel is.

Can I go live immediately?

Yes. Setup a switchboard with the live stream as the higher priority item, and the channel as the backup. The live stream will immediately take over when you start sending a stream.

How do I make this work with Instant TV Channel?

To use a ScaleEngine channel in Instant TV Channel, you'll need to be sure to set the StreamFormat parameter to HLS, and set the Live parameter to true. Make sure you provide them the HLS playback URL.