Church Streaming

Reliable Live Streaming for Religious Organizations

Scale Engine is the perfect supplier for live broadcasting of your religious organizational activities. We are one of the largest providers to various faith based organizations worldwide, completely independent and free of advertising.

Our live streaming system is simple and robust, and gets your message out to a greatly expanded audience. Members who are travelling, or otherwise unable to attend can still see and hear your message, either live, or archived as a recording. Maintain and enhance your connection everywhere with a beautiful live stream experience.

ScaleEngine is an end to end streaming solution for your broadcasting requirements.

Why use ScaleEngine?

For an organization not looking to profit from their stream,there are plenty of free options, so why pay for a CDN?

Free providers, such as Youtube and Facebook, typically make their money off of ads. This means that you have no control over the ads shown to your viewers. Furthermore, their overriding goal is not to prioritize *your stream*, it is to take your viewers away to other content, so as to maximize their engagement time. You will never be a priority to Facebook or Youtube.

Using a CDN also gives you support with setting up your streams, such as our player generator to let you host your stream on your own website, or setting up archived recordings for download and distribution.

Simple Setup

No special hardware is required to get started. A streaming setup can be done with as little as a laptop and webcam. We support almost any encoder that can send an RTMP stream. See our encoders page for more information.

In most cases, with your existing internet connection and audio visual equipment, you can get a stream out to us with no additional expense. You can get a free demo of our services, so you can test if our services are right for you.

Easily Send Your Stream To All Social Platforms

Your audience can quickly be watching perfect streaming on any social platform you wish. Simply add any ScaleEngine Live Stream to your social networks. Our auto push system will take care of the rest.

Unlike other providers we offer centralized stream push services. With this system, your stream can automatically be sent, simultaneously, to all the various social platforms. With your one ScaleEngine stream, you can have a presence on your Facebook, Periscope, Youtube or any other Social Network that accepts video input.

Not only does this expand your community reach, it greatly simplifies your workflow, centralizing stream management, and it also saves you expense on outbound internet bandwidth, since you only need to send one stream to ScaleEngine. We are the only streaming provider that allows multiple simultaneous stream pushes to marketing platforms.

ScaleEngine is an end to end streaming solution for your broadcasting requirements. We get you testing and verifying your stream before most other places answer your email, and we can answer any questions you have directly through email or telephone.