Live Streaming FAQ

ScaleEngine Live FAQ

A: It's simple and easy to connect your encoder to us. If you are a vMix customer, you simply log in to your ScaleEngine account from vMix, and you get your stream set up for you. If you use FMLE, OBS, Wirecast, Teradeks, or ffmpeg, use the connection urls we provide on your stream page. Once you're connected, you will see a green button, or red button if you are recording, and if we are transcoding for you, you will see the frame size of your stream.
A: Every stream has its own page where we provide a player embed code that you can use. Paste that into your website page where you want to show the stream.
A: With our Recording system, live streams are saved on the server: stream live, have it recorded, and play as VOD shortly after. Recordings are fully downloadable if you want this, or can simply be viewed as HLS and RTMP streams.
A: Once your content has been uploaded and indexed, you will see it all in the File Browser, which shows you the encoding, duration and aspect ration of each video, as well as a player for each clip. It's very simple and easy to use.
A: With our syndication system, live streams can be pushed to any or all of these social network destinations. This can be automatic for everywhere including Facebook, who have recently made their stream names persistently re-usable.
A: With our DVR system, live streams are viewed as HLS and are automatically available in their entirety for any viewer.
A: Yes. This is a very frequently asked question. Mobile streams out with HLS or DASH perfectly from your h264 encoded source. We provide full HTTPS streaming support by default.
A: The live demo is automated. Just fill out one demo request form and it will work instantly.
A: Every production account needs to get set up by an engineer. We test and verify every deployment before releasing it.
A: We support Google Analytics for live and VOD streams. Our servers transparently send real time viewer data to GA, including precise location. You also get full device and location in your GA historical monthly views.