Channel Howto

Getting Started

ScaleEngine Channels are live streams, created in our web-based playout management system.

Playlists contain either VOD assets found in your sestore account, or live streams, or both. An active scheduled list will start playing in order from the beginning, and will loop over and over, creating the continuous "fake live" streaming channel.

It is very important that your VOD files are consistantly encoded. You can see the details of your files in the file browser after they have been indexed. Ensure your content has the same profile, bitrates (+/- 10%) and frame size dimensions.

Uploading your Files

You will need an FTP client. We send a setup email when your account is ready. This email contains the specific storage server name where you will upload your content. Login with your ScaleEngine account name and password. Be sure that you upload to the "vod" directory, and make sure the content has completely uploaded before you play anything. If you wait for the file browser to update (about 20 minutes), this will not be an issue for you.

Creating a Playlist

To add a new channel, go to Streaming > Channel, and select "New Channel". Fill out the channel name: this is the stream name it will play out on, and the playlist name, which is the name of the first playlist.

Once your content has been added and indexed, you can start to build your channel by adding files. Use the"Add Video" button to add items to the playlist. Select either VOD or Live. For VOD, click browse to find your file, then double click it to add it to the list. For Live, select it from the dropdown. See "Going Live" for more information.

Save the list once it is complete. You will be taken to the channel manage page, where you can either wait for the list to reach its scheduled start time, or click "Reset Channel" to start it immediately.

Scheduling a Playlist

Schedule the playlist for "Now" if you want it to start playing immediately. If you set it to a date in the future, it will start playing at that time.

When a list starts playing, it will override any other lists that are playing on the stream. You can set several playlists to use the same playout stream, and they will take over from each other at their scheduled times.

To have certain content go live at a specific time, just create a list with the content you want scheduled, and set it to start at the time. You can create a number of playlists, and set them with different start times, and as each time is reached, they will take over the channel.

Going Live

Cutting in a live stream is simple. You just add the live item to the list. When that item comes up in the list, it will start playing the live stream until it ends. If there is no live stream, it will just skip to the next item.

For more hands on control of the switchover, you can use the "Reload at Offset" control to immediately skip to the live item.

You can also use a switchboard containing one live stream and the output stream of the channel to allow you to cut in more easily.

Reloads, Resets, and Offsets

Reset Channel

Resetting your channel stops the stream, disconnecting any viewers, and restarts the stream. This will start your channel from scratch and can be used to restart after an error

Reload Playlist

Reloading your channel causes the playlist to be loaded again, starting from the first item.

By entering an item number into the "Video Offset" field, and clicking "Reload at Offset" the list will be reloaded, starting at the specified item.

Close Channel

Closing the channel stops playout.