BIF Overview

ScaleEngine BIFs API Endpoint

ScaleEngine's bifs API endpoint provides Create, Read, Update and Delete functionality.

You can request frame size and interval for the scrubbing detail you want, on creation or update, and a read request will return the url of the bif.

Get a demo of ScaleEngine's VOD Service

VOD Scrubbing (Trickplay) BIF Example player

Here is a full clappr player example with thumbnail scrubbing using a BIF (base index frames) file. Note that these players are auto-generated in our control panel.

The player is actually calling a thumbnail plugin, but it's processing a bif, which is one file with many thumbnails concatenated together, which are displayed along the scrub bar if you mouse over, or manipulate your roku remote control.

ScaleEngine Storage

Our storage systems are located in one of our two Canadian data centres, and meet Canadian government requirements for physical server storage location and handling by a Canadian company.

All data is redundantly stored, and comes with rsync, unix shell, and ftp/sftp access to our storage. There are no restrictions on what you can store or upload. Backups and non-media type storage is available.

If you have specific storage needs, please Contact us, and we'll see what can be done to meet your reqirements.