Video Streaming Services

Live Video Streaming

Send a stream from your encoder, and publish your streams to the world with our players. Leverage ScaleEngine's global CDN to broadcast to any size of audience, without needing to run a single server.

Whether you're a small operation that streams regularly to your dedicated fans, or a group that that has massive events, ScaleEngine can accomodate your needs. Features like push publishing, on-demand playback, and recording, are included. We have dead simple player generation in our control panel so you can get everything live quickly.

We do not restrict where you can place your stream, or where you can push your stream. We also do not have limits on viewer numbers or stream density. Stream as much or as little as you want, whether that's a 12 megabit 4K stream, or a 24/7 480p TV feed - we can make it happen.

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Live Stream Transcoding

Our live stream transcoding takes your single input stream, and makes multiple output streams to accomodate all your viewers, no matter what device or network they are on. The GPU accelerated transcoding system creates smooth output bitrates to provide the best viewer experience.

Use our embed generator to get a player with adaptive bitrate built in. This will allow you to offer the highest quality for viewers on TVs and computers, while letting phones switch to lower bitrates to accomodate local network conditions.

Your transcoding is reserved for you 24/7, all month long. Stream whenever you want, for however long you want. Just send a stream, and let us take care of the rest.

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Video On Demand

Your VOD assets are important to your business. Give your customers the best experience with the global reach of the full ScaleEngine VideoCDN. Your VOD is distributed accross the same CDN that makes our live streaming so successful.

Browse in our Control Panel to all your content, analyzed and sorted for you, and use our embed generator to create a perfect player every time. Add analytics, advertising, bitrate controls, and more.

Get maximum control over your VOD with a full unix shell on our centralized storage with rsync and ftp/sftp access. Automatic generation of thumbnails and multi-bitrate manifests (.smil files) comes standard

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Stream Switchboard

Use the ScaleEngine switchboard system to seamlessly switch between inputs. Change from one stream to another, or switch from a playlist channel to your live segment and back again.

With our switchboard you can have one output stream that pulls from any number of input streams. Because the output of a channel is a stream, you can mix between channels and live streams.

The switchboard has automatic fallback, so it will switch to the next active stream when the current active stream goes offline. Use this to make sure your stream never goes offline, by having your live stream fall back to a channel. Don't let your viewers get bored and leave because of a brief interruption.


Linear Playout Channels

ScaleEngine's channel system reliably powers internet TV and Radio around the world. Whether you are running a web TV station or feeding Facebook, Twitch or Periscope, or legacy cable head ends, you will find our playout system makes high quality, reasonably priced real-time managed linear streaming a reality.

This is a self-managed cloud playout solution for content owners with Apple, Android and SmartTV apps, Roku Channels, or cable TV contracts. Get centralized distribution and management of video assets, playlist control and seamless instant updating with no restart or video interruption.

Our channel system comes with a number of unique features. You have the ability to tailor your playlists for different days. You upload your video clips to us, arrange them in playlists, and create output streams in our control panel. You can push these streams out to multiple platforms simultaneously if you use our restreaming service.

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Live Recording

Recording is managed per stream. You can record the stream into one file or automatically split the recording into multiple files. All recordings are downloadable, and can be played as VOD. Transcoded streams are recorded in all bitrates and offer multi-bitrate playback.

We provide recording controls in our control panel, and through our API. Recordings can be set to start automatically when the stream publishes, or can be started with an API command. You can have us prune the amount of recordings we store, based on how many days of content you want to keep. You always have direct ssh and ftp access to your files. We do not have a layer of abstraction hiding the file names or contents.

The recording feature includes the VOD system file browser, direct file access, and our player generator.

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Live DVR

Instant replay, catch the start of of the show, or re-watch that part you missed because your volume was too low. Expand your viewers' experiences with unprecedented control over what they're watching.

ScaleEngine live DVR allows the user to rewind the stream they're viewing as though it was a VOD file. After the live stream is finished, the DVR buffer will continue to be available for viewers up to 3 days later.

DVR is available on Advanced and Professional packages. See our pricing page for more information.

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Push Publish

Connecting to multiple platforms is easy with ScaleEngine Push Publish Simply add a publish destination, and we will automatically push your stream to any RTMP service or Akamai.

Send your streams to Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, and Youtube, or Akamai while still having all of our features like recording and our channel system. You can also send the output of a switchboard or channel into another platform. Try teasing the first bit of your event on Facebook for some easy advertising!

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