Load Balanced Managed Video CDNStreaming and Secure Video On Demand

Our massive Video Streaming Network serves your Live or On-Demand content from North America and Europe. It is geographically aware, sending viewers to the closest node. Importantly, ScaleEngine does not limit or charge for concurrent viewers, you only pay for the bits we deliver to your users. We are unique in this regard. ScaleEngine's Video Streaming Network will scale with you to serve all of your visitors, without buffering or degradation. We provide secure Adobe flash streaming, protecting your content from ripping and copyright violators by using secure token players, hotlink protection, and our own security systems. We repacketize your stream for playback on iPhone/iPad, Roku set-top players, Android mobile phones and tablet devices, as well as full desktop HD with H264 MP4 RTMP streaming. We restream IP Camera to iPhone for security, monitoring and surveillance. Any of our streaming solutions can be combined with server side recording. Request a demo.

Object, Image, CDN, Edge Side CachingKeeping the most popular content on the bleeding edge

Add a layer of performance without adding a layer of complexity to your existing infrastructure. ScaleEngine's Edge Side Caching (ESC) system sits in front of your existing Origin site reducing load while also increase speed and responsiveness. You can also take advantage of industry standard Edge Side Include (ESI) markup to cache only portions of a page rather than the entirety. This enables you to maintain caching efficiency and high hit ratios, while not necessitating the removal of per-user customizations. Take a standard news article page for example, the article it self is likely very stable and can be cached for a long time, however the other elements on the page, such as the breaking news list or localized weather forecast, must be fresh and specific to the individual visitor. By adding those other elements to the page via ESI, the article it self can be cached and the dynamic and personalized components can be loaded separately for each user. Our ESC servers received most of their configuration from the cache-control headers that are already sent by your applications, this decentralized configuration means that you remain in control of how your content is delivered, and for how long it is cached.

RecordingAutomatic hourly recording

We provide live recording with 30 minute availability for installed cameras, mobile streamers, and studios. The resulting VOD files are made available in your VOD account in a standard numbering format for embedding on your viewing pages. Note that this is not on demand recording. If you stream, you record. Anything streamed in the hour is packaged into that hour's session. This works really well with Livu on iPhone, and with Wirecast streamers.

Content DistributionDelivering static content as efficently as possible

ScaleEngine's Managed Content Distribution Network (CDN) serves your media (images, audio, video) and static objects (CSS, JavaScript, XML, PDF) from a global network of servers and locations. Your sites will load faster and your users will be happier. Designed to deliver maximum throughput to each user and to withstand spikes and surges of traffic, our network of distribution servers enables us to offer you exceptional per gigabyte pricing for content delivery. The CDN servers are also capable of compressing your CSS and JavaScript objects to reduce your bandwidth utilization and ensure your users are able to load your pages as quickly as possible. Our CDN servers are also capable of rewriting the headers of FLV and MP4 video files, to enable users to seek through a video without having to download the entire file first.

Origin Web Cluster (ScaleEngine)Accelerate your application without reengineering it

ScaleEngine is a load balanced application acceleration platform. Engineered to increase the performance of nearly any web application, with a minimum of code or configuration changes, the ScaleEngine Hosting Platform is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); You build the apps, we'll take care of keeping them running. A single code base powered by clusters of application servers delivered through redundant web servers, backed by a load balanced and replicated database. All to ensure your application is accessible even under the most demanding load conditions.

CDN, Content Distribution with Geo-Diversitymore locations and less latency

Our Geo-Diversity system uses geo-location data from the requesting DNS server to direct requests to the nearest of our relay nodes. These nodes typically have better back haul connections to our origin sites, plus they do caching and replication, so they are able to deliver your content to far away locations much more quickly, and less expensively than if the users had to connect directly to your origin site.